Minus 100% - plus 900%

Minus 100% - plus 900% - that's the range of click prices as related to the basic rate depending of the selected advertising device of Google Adwords that will be available for the advertisers in the nearest time

Minus 100% - plus 900%

The management of Google company informed about the planned innovation at the meeting in San-Francisco and some hours ago that breaking news appeared in the blog of Sridhar Ramaswamy who occupies the position of senior vice-president in advertising and commercial activity of Google. The idea about such an innovation appeared due to the mobile advertising queries that are increasing dramatically during the last months. 

It seems interesting that many experts see the parallel between this information and the targeting option for different devices that Google implemented in 2013. 

Besides, the company announced the growth of the ads heading length up to 30 symbols instead of 25 that is used now as well as introduced the text field of 80 symbols instead of two 35-symbol lines that are used now.