Social responsibility

"Whatever you do, you make yourself"

Everyone can do their bit to make the world a better place; this is what we believe in at AlterEGO.So, not only do we provide a high level of technical service and team development, but we are also involved in a number of other initiatives.

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    Business development conferences in Ukraine

    We have organised the Anatomy of Business Conference (2017, 2018 and 2019), which aims to develop the business thinking of those who represent businesses.

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    CRM for a charity

    We set up a CRM system for Varto Zhyty Foundation (2020) initiatives.

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    Help for children

    Our company helped organise a fundraising campaign to buy backpacks for first-year pupils (2021 and 2022) whose parents are in a difficult financial situation.

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    CRM for volunteers

    We set up a CRM for volunteer organisations in Kharkiv (2022).

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    AlterEGO has trained more than 500 travel companies on how to go remote.

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    Sports Life

    We take part in marathon running events.

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    Residents of Diia.Сity

    We have become residents of Diia.City, paying taxes and developing the Ukrainian economy.

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    Anti-crisis support

    We provide financial and organisational support to the Anti-Crisis Centre in Kramatorsk, in the Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine.

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    Support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

    We donate monthly to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to the all-out war.