12 tips for creating a landing page design

    10 minutes
    Author: V. Shcherbynka

12 tips for creating a landing page design

    10 minutes
    Author: Volodymyr Shcherbynka

Landing, how to serve it right

Let's stop at such a product as landing. Business card sites are designed for small and medium businesses that want to tell about themselves to those who have yet to learn about them.

A landing page is a separate landing page designed to convert a page visitor into a lead.

For a business manager, selling or motivating a user to place an order is essential. Landings are created for a target audience interested in receiving a product or service. For example, a landing page, as an independent product page, is a landing page, and a trading company is a site.

Landing has proven itself as an effective tool for solving the following tasks:

    Lead generation.
    Minimization of costs for contextual advertising.
    Checking the user's reaction to new products or services.
    Testing various variants of hypotheses in business.

What does the effectiveness and functionality of the landing page depend on?

The convenience and simplicity of a landing page or site for users play an important role which may be a novelty for some people. Still, the convenience of organizing the structure of the landing page (site) is more important than the design because if it is difficult for the user to find the information he needs to achieve the ultimate goal - ordering your service, product, etc., then the design will not save the situation.

Poorly implemented usability can destroy the best ad integration. To achieve an effective result, it is necessary to use a properly constructed usability structure and apply a carefully thought-out design.

Advantages of a one-pager

Landing pages work perfectly in cases where you need to talk about a particular service or event. And also as a platform for online stores. Creating a landing page means much less work and, as a rule, a lower price and a quick start. Unlike a website, a redesign will be cheaper and faster for a one-pager.

Why should something be changed?

Remember, time flies, design trends change, and so does CMS - that's why your landing page needs to be updated periodically, analyzing Google Analytics data and metrics, and receiving customer feedback. Our AlterEGO team studies the received information and offers optimal solutions. By improving usability, as a result, we get conversion progress.

It is essential to mention that the guarantee of good conversion results depends not only on a perfectly executed landing page; this process is also influenced by the content of the customer, advertising companies, and the efficiency of the sales department.

Pay attention to the following tips:

Tip 1

The practice has shown that 84% of the time, the user is on the first screen. If the content of the first screen is not interesting, the page will remain unviewed.

"The first screen of a Landing page is an individual semantic block of a web page with a unique sales offer and is graphically distinct."

On the first screen, there should be text that stands out (headline) and sells the service (product) and high-quality visual content (photos, videos, graphics). Such text + visual content should interest the visitor and encourage him to continue familiarization with the offered product; this is the rule of the structure that sells the landing page.

It is also advisable to remember such elements as the name of the brand (organization), phone number, CTA (call-to-action) button, a minimum explanatory description (list of benefits), and social networks. Any other information on the first screen is irrelevant; it only distracts the user's attention.

Tip 2

Some people need help to decide to make a purchase. A good landing page should solve this task and contribute to achieving the goal.

A simple and effective way of such assistance to potential customers is the quick call service (optimal configuration is crucial for them). Analysis shows that a call-to-action element (icon) increases CTR by 12-24%.

Remember that there are users for whom online conversation with a stranger is uncomfortable. For such cases, there is an online consultant. A consultant is a human chat operator or a specialized bot.

The consultant must:

    Have a friendly conversation;
    Identify problems that arise in potential clients;
    Be able to give expert advice on the service (goods) sold;
    Be flexible in offering alternatives and quickly solve the client's problems.

"Warning! We recommend finding out the client's contacts when a trusting dialogue is established. Entering data by the user in the feedback form often discourages and tires Internet users."

Tip 3

Use the texts to explain in detail to the potential buyer why it is beneficial for him to order from you. You must use a small text block with specific information instead of long texts with redundant data.

For example, the advantage of a service (product) is better visualized and conveniently visualized as an infographic with a short and apt explanation. And the concept of the work of any process (product) is better to imagine visually (artistically).

"Warning! When preparing the text, take into account the principles of usability. For example, "F" and "Z" structure the direction of movement of the human eye when reading information. If important materials are in blind areas, this data will remain unnoticed."

Therefore, placing all vital information in the upper left corner of each screen is essential. The navigation menu display works best in a vertical layout, while headings and other texts, on the contrary, are in a horizontal arrangement.

Tip 4

Surfing the Internet is more convenient for many users using mobile phones. They will lose their audience if the page design is poorly adapted to slow devices and takes a long load.

Some tips on how to lose excess weight Landing page:

    Image optimization will speed up page loading even with low Internet speed;
    The use of scaled vector graphics will allow you to display and, reduce, increase the dimensions of the picture without loss of quality;
    The content should not be implemented in the form of images but written in code (HTML).

Tip 5

The user does not like to do "extra" actions on the page. After all, the client did not come to solve puzzles but to find a service (goods) of interest to him and make purchases. The main task of the landing page developer is to unobtrusively direct and push the potential client to fill out the lead form.


    Reduce the number of drop-down menus to a minimum;
    Reduce the number of fields to be filled in the lead form to a minimum;
    Set up registration through the CRM system by connecting social networks and mail;
    Check the correctness of the payment service data.

Tip 6

Trust triggers play a significant role when designing a landing page. Without using this technique, the user will hesitate or not want to pay for the service (goods) voluntarily.

Commonly used triggers:

    Customer reviews with photo/video description of service (product) impressions;
    A video with an overview of the product (its advantages) or a detailed explanation of the stages of the service (benefits);
    Gifts, discounts, bonuses, cashback (free period for service or software);
    Purchase of complex (package) offers that include additional services that are provided free of charge;
    Providing a guarantee (the presence of this item automatically increases the client's trust in you);
    Feedback widget (always in mind);
    Individually stated facts in numbers (attract attention and are easy to understand).

Tip 7

Links to third-party resources distract the user from the target action (order) and divert his attention.

Distracting factors:

Impractical navigation (rarely used for Landing page) - secondary links, social network buttons.

"Warning! To improve conversion, turn to A/B testing; this will help avoid unnecessary errors and allow you to understand how informative the page is. Because there are always exceptions to the rules, and if the solution works in 97% of cases, 3% remains for a specialized personal approach due to the peculiarities of atypical business processes."

The lead form can also be distracting on the first screen. It is correct to place it closer to the end of the page. If the page is long, it is recommended to duplicate the lead form after the information blocks about the service (product).

"Exception! The location of the lead form on the first screen is allowed when the decision to purchase a service (goods) is taken without thinking. For example, free registration or promotion is limited in time.

Tip 8

Often, a slider displays several products on landing pages, which could be a bad idea. Then one of the critical principles of Landing page design is destroyed: one product - "one page."

"Warning! A slider is allowed if one service (product) is displayed from different sides. And it makes no sense to use a slider to list the benefits of a service (product); for the most part, it doesn't matter."

Tip 9

The block with benefits should be reinforced with icons, photos, or other graphics. In no case do not put icons for the sake of icons. All elements on the page must be carefully considered down to the smallest detail. It is even better when numbers support the profits. Remember to duplicate the features that were the focus of the offer or combine them with other advantages.

Tip 10

Depending on the product offered, including a target audience block on the landing page is sometimes advisable. If you provide an ordinary product (balls), explaining that they are needed by families with children, sports organizations, schools, etc., does not make sense. But when the service (goods) is specific and exclusive, and the user may hesitate whether he needs such a service (goods), then a block with a description of the CA will be very appropriate.

You can include this information in the benefits block if you do not wish to display it separately.

Tip 11

Videos are an excellent opportunity to save space on the landing page and show potential customers all the benefits of selling the product without text or photos. We recommend using short, bright, and marketing videos. The video format solves the problem if the service (goods) is challenging to describe in text or display as a photo.

Tip 12

The "Portfolio" and "Team" blocks are optional, but their presence will only be a plus. Photos of team members with names and titles will inspire even more confidence in your landing page. It is recommended to place the block at the end of the page. The "Portfolio" block is not appropriate for landing pages of small companies, but if you worked with a large (well-known) client, it is worth displaying.

Let's summarize

An effective landing page focused on solving the client's specific expectations. Having arrived at the landing page, the user should immediately receive answers to all his questions. Extra texts and elements, buttons, slow page loading, incorrectly selected color palette, or unavailability of quick communication between the user and the seller will lead to the loss of the order.

There are many online examples and tutorials for beginners about creating landing pages. Stylistic and ill-conceived decisions regarding usability, layout, design, and selling solutions are often considered. To obtain a working product, it is necessary to carry out multifaceted and complex work: analyze competitors, create a prototype, form a key concept, write a text that sells, and create an actual design and practical layout.

When developing a landing page yourself, you should not expect all of your wishes to be fulfilled immediately. Therefore, it is better to resort to the help of experienced specialists whose recommendations and advice can guarantee actual results and see their development from your Landing page that sells.


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